Wangfujing West Hall

Beijing, China 2013


The Wangfujing Westhall project is envisioned as a upscale office building that draws inspiration from the past while employing state-of-the-art technology. Our design is inspired by the traditional Beijing siheyuan. Acknowledging the project’s position between the more massive contemporary commercial buildings and the smaller-scaled traditional siheyuan neighborhood, the eastern building face is a sleek and elegant mix of modern day polish and old world symbolism. Toward the west, the façade design draws from the scale of traditional siheyuan, as each unit floor is noticeably "stacked" to break up the mass of the ten-story building. Two courtyards serve to further break down the mass of the building on west side into three separate forms. Just as they did in historic siheyuan designs, the courtyards allow natural light and ventilation into the building spaces.

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Status:  Unbuilt
Site Area:  95,938 sf (8,913 sm)
Gross Building Area:  875,084 sf (81,298 sm)
Height:  124 ft (37.7 m)
Stories:  10