Guri New Town Master Plan

Guri, South Korea 2010


Guri New Town is conceived of as a fully integrated horizontal and vertical city. Individual blocks and buildings are treated in a hierarchical fashion culminating with Guri Tower, a 108 story mixed use building at the center.

Guri New Town is a walking city. Individual neighborhoods are served by local commercial centers schools and community centers catering to needs of its citizens. Each neighborhood is linked to the central commercial center by boulevards.

Following the boulevard, an underground retail concourse links each district. This system is integrated with a people mover system that links the subway and regional transit systems.

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Increase the urban density
while optimizing open space
Utilize green space by creating a series of interconnected publicsquares and community parks for citizens
Create a walkable city with an integrated transportation system anda hierarchical street system to reduce automobile traffic

Status:  Complete
Site Area:  529 acres (214 hectares)