Indian School Of Business

Hyderabad, India 2001


The Master Plan and design of the Indian School of Business addresses four criteria: the environment, the Indian character, interactivity, and information technology. The new 250-acre (102-hectare) campus provides about 800,000 sf (74,322 sm) of teaching facilities, administrative offices, and a total living environment for faculty, support staff and 520 students.The project was fast-tracked to meet the school’s ambitious opening schedule.

The campus is located in a semi-arid tropical setting, so design elements contrive to minimize the environmental impact on this fragile ecosystem. For example, the runoff from the limited rainfall is captured for treatment and reuse. The architects also drew on symbolic and practical functions of traditional Indian architecture that had evolved in response to the region’s harsh climate. The campus is inspired by the traditional nine-grid system found in the many mantras of Hindu temples. Sunscreens and arcades are used extensively in the design, and many buildings are elevated to enhance airflow, while water is used for its cooling effects. Throughout the campus many elements of traditional Mughal architecture are given a modern interpretation. Although the campus is linked with India’s culture, the architecture speaks to the future.

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Address the environment
the Indian culture
and information technology

Status:  Built
Site Area:  250 acre (102 hectare)
Gross Building Area:  800,000 sf (74,322 sm)