Pierluca Maffey dissects Coda, new airport hotel, and Atlanta


In an article from Curbed Atlanta, JPA's Pierluca (Luca) Maffey, Principal, VP, Design spoke about two significant new Atlanta endeavors: Coda at Tech Square and an Intercontinental Hotel planned at the airport. He also answered questions about the development of Atlanta and his favorite places in the city. The article includes sketches from his current projects.

From Luca: "Coda responds to the people’s needs of today. The renewed love for the city, density, sidewalks, public transportation, and places for connectivity has directed the design of this project from the very beginning. With Coda, we finally had the chance to design a public space that is accessible to everyone without having to go through any doors."



"The design of the Intercontinental Hotel ... is inspired by the feelings and desires that someone would have before or after a long plane ride. We wanted to provide an island of relaxation from all the hustle and bustle of the airport crowds and noises. In order to do that, we thought we need to be able to start that experience by changing the sense of arrival that a traveler will have once they take the first step outside of the airport terminal."

"The role of JPA in the future is as big as the projects we will be able to design for our clients. What I’m sure of is that if we are given the challenge, we will be able to deliver above and beyond what is normally envisioned by our clients. We accomplished this task again and again for Portman Holdings’ co-investors and for our third party clients in the U.S. and around the world. I would particularly like us to participate in design efforts led by the City of Atlanta, with which we could redesign public spaces around the city."